I have been working with various of databases technical for many years. Implemented quality solutions for high performance architecture and maintained robust, mission critical databases. I have followed the industry’s best practices and adhered to and implemented processes which enhanced the quality of technical delivery.
Now I’m working at www.jk.cn as DBA team leader for all of data technology .(including rdbms,nosql,bigdata platform,cache platforms)
In the past three years I worked at www.yhd.com (subsidiary of JD.COM) as Senior data architect – Maintaining one of the largest E-commerce systems in China. principal for yihaodian Oracle Exadata BI platform,Oracle OLTP system and huge MySQL system. Head planner for PCIe and ssd to use for system high performance.Leading database architecture of rdbms and NoSQL

• Over 7 years with MySQL High Availability
• Over 7 years experience with Oracle DBA technology
• Over 10 years experience with Linux &Unix technology
• PE for Bigdata platform ,Streaming Computer technology
• NoSQL area experience (memcached redis TiDB Tair etc.)
• Oracle Certified Database Master (OCM 2010)

Tel :+8618666668061
Email&​gtalk :ylouis83@gmail.com
Personal blog : www.vmcd.org
Personal doc : www.slideshare.net/ylouis83