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Database-exporter release v1.0

June 21, 2013 Architect, software No comments

Database-exporter发布 感谢wucharles,一个充满Geek精神的小伙。

1.supports export database from each other. (you need write driver by yourself,now support oracle an[......]

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Cloning an Oracle Home

March 2, 2012 migration, oracle 1 comment

Cloning an Oracle Home

Cloning an Oracle home involves creating a copy of the Oracle home and then configuring it for a new environment. If[……]

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November 7, 2011 migration, oracle 1 comment

数据库版本9.2.0.1 OS版本 AIX5

由于9.2.0.1的默认maxlogfiles 为5 maxinstance 为1所以需要重建controlfile 修改maxinstance为4 maxlogfiles 为 16

SQL> alter database backup con[……]

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