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Secure External Password Store using wallet

Oracle Wallet的使用


This is not exactly an Oracle question, but I am asking it here in case
someone has solved this. We have alot of jobs that log into our Oracle
databases. Some of them use ops$oracle accounts. In the future we are not
allowed to use ops$oracle and need to provide passwords. I am trying to
find a method, or program/script that allows us to do the following.
1. store oracle passwords in unix in a lock box
2. only given processes and users can access specific passwords
3. program/process/script has customizable logic that only lets specific jobs access the password.
4. We are mainly using Cron for our jobs, but may be using some other job schedulers in the future that have morefeatures.
5. you cannot access the passwords from a user account

这种需求用oracle wallet实现是一个不错的选择

oracle wallet是一个加密的RKCS#12文件


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